Washington Clinic Offers Two Easy, Safe and Effective Ways to Get Professional Teeth Whitening Dental Treatments

Many people will try anything to make their teeth look whiter and brighter: special tooth pastes and mouthwashes, DIY kits, whitening strips, and even salon treatments. However, these rarely will give the results that they want.

Because of regulations by the FDA and the ADA (or American Dental Association), commercial whitening products can only use low concentrations of ingredients. Some of these ingredients, such as salt or baking soda, aren’t even clinically proven to lighten teeth.

These products are more likely to remove surface discoloration, or to prevent discoloration. However, the people who are most likely to feel very insecure about their teeth have very deep and visible stains and yellowing.

Don’t waste money and time on treatments that don’t work. Washington Center For Cosmetic ; Family Dentistry offers professional Washington, DC Teeth Whitening services that can give dramatic and lasting results.

The whitening treatment uses professional-grade teeth bleaching ingredients that are clinically proven to remove deep discoloration and yellowing. Teeth can become lighter by as much as 8 to 10 shades after just one session.

Patients have two options: to get the in-clinic treatment, or to have a customized take-home kit.

The Zoom! In-Office Power Whitening takes less than an hour. The dentist first examines teeth and gums to rule out any underlying other causes for discoloration. Then, he places a mouth guard that will pull away the cheeks and lips from the teeth.

Then, he will apply the professional bleach on the teeth and let it sit. This is not painful at all, and the patient literally just needs to sit back and let the gel do its work. When the gel is removed, the results speak for themselves—lighter, brighter and stain-free teeth.  

The take-home kit works in a similar way. However, instead of performing the treatment in the clinic, the dentist prepares customized whitening trays. The patient simply applies the whitening agent on the tray, and wears it for an hour every day for one or two weeks.

Patients can also use the take-home kit to touch up their teeth between in-clinic treatments.

The Washington Center For Cosmetic ; Family Dentistry has developed this two-pronged approach to whitening to provide patients with different options for their needs and lifestyle. While the ADA always recommends in-clinic treatments as “the best practice”, the clinic recognizes that many people may not have the time for multiple appointments.

By offering a customized take-home kit, The Washington Center For Cosmetic ; Family Dentistry can combine professionally-supervised care with the convenience of doing teeth whitening at home.

Aside from teeth whitening treatments, the clinic provides a full suite of dental services, including family dentistry, restorative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and periodontics. The clinic is also equipped with the latest technology for diagnostics and treatment.

To inquire about teeth whitening treatments and other services, call the clinic at (202) 902-9108 or fill out the online form. The clinic is open from Mondays to  Fridays, from 8am to 5pm.