Oral Hygiene


At Washington Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer comprehensive and educational oral hygiene services that provide the foundation for a lifetime of great oral health.

Proper Brushing

Brushing a minimum of twice a day for at least two minutes each time is the recommended course of action for consistent oral care. After positioning the brush at a 45-degree angle where the teeth and gums meet and using small, gentle strokes, repeat this process for both the front and back of the teeth. To clean the inner surfaces of the teeth in the front of the mouth, position the brush vertically and make gentle back-and-forth strokes over the teeth, ensuring all teeth are cleaned. Brush gum tissue surrounding the teeth as well, then move to the biting surfaces. Be sure to clean all surfaces, positioning the brush as needed to do so. Follow up with a thorough rinse to remove any remaining plaque.

Proper Flossing

Periodontal disease typically occurs in those areas inaccessible to a toothbrush. Flossing is essential to reach these areas and to keep gums healthy. Use floss that is approximately 18 inches long, and wrap this floss around the middle fingers of each hand. Use the thumb and index fingers to mark off a small piece of floss and direct it between the teeth. Guide the floss up and down between the teeth, gently wrapping the floss around the side of each tooth and using a zig-zag motion. Repeat along the tooth surface on both the front and back and under the gum line, using a new section of floss for each tooth.

Professional Cleanings

Although brushing and flossing help to minimize plaque, professional cleanings are highly recommended at least twice per year. These cleanings help to remove any plaque that has hardened in those areas missed by the toothbrush and floss. Cleanings contribute to preventing periodontal disease and should never be neglected. Professional cleaning also allows the dentist to look for signs of oral cancer and other conditions that may affect a person’s overall health. These cleanings allow dental professionals to monitor oral hygiene and make recommendations or provide advice on proper techniques. Learn about our dental night guards.

Properly caring for your teeth is essential for a lifetime of great oral health. Please contact us at 202-363-2500 or fill out our contact form and our team will be happy to work with you to ensure your oral health is the best it can be.

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