Implant Restoration

Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement. No other treatment can provide the appearance and function of an implanted tooth. The implanted artificial root structure is second only to a natural tooth root. As a matter of fact, implants will often last a lifetime while preserving bone mass and sustaining life in surrounding tissues.

While it is relatively rare, unfortunately, implant failures do occasionally occur. If you are suffering from a failed, broken, or improperly-placed implant, our experienced team is here to help.

There are several types of implant failures including:

Early Implant Failures – These issues can be a result of technical errors, overheating of the bone during site preparation or using too much or not enough force at the time of insertion into the bone. Contamination issues can also cause failure by keeping bone material from fully integrating with the implant device. Poor quality of bone is also a common cause of implant failure.

Late Implant Failures – When an implant becomes unstable or loose after a significant period of normal function, it is probably the result of excessive forces on the implant. This can be caused by shifting bite or changes in the jaws’ resting position. Wear and tear issues on adjacent teeth can be the issue as well as clenching.

If you think your implant may be failing, an immediate, accurate diagnosis is imperative. Repairs or replacements can typically be completed quickly, returning the implant tooth to its normal function. Delaying the repair could pose a risk to adjacent tooth structures, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible if you suspect an issue.

To learn more about the process of repairing existing implants, please give our knowledgeable team a call as soon as possible. You can reach us at 202-363-2500.

More than 1,400 5-Star Reviews

"My favorite dentist. Dr. Brown is hands down my favorite dentist. Highly skilled, fantastic bedside (chair side?) manner and a great team of skilled techs. Dr. Brown thoroughly explains proposed treatment, and keeps you informed the entire way. Her husband, Dr. Polowitz, is also great. Our whole family sees them."

Bill S.

"Dr. Brown and Pollowitz are highly skilled dentists, very talented artists, and have the best bedside or should I say "chair side" manner I have ever experienced. I trust them completely and have been seeing Dr. Brown and Pollowitz for almost 20 years now. When I lived out of town for two years, the dentist I saw there was amazed at the skill and perfection of the veneer and implant Dr Brown did and got the whole staff to come look at my mouth! I had an accident when I was a kid and have had lots of problems with my teeth ever since, and that includes many unpleasant experiences, but their kindness has given me a renewed respect and love for dentistry. It means a lot that Dr Brown will call me and find out if I am OK after a crown or something painful. She knows I am sensitive and takes time to take extra good care. Love them both."

Jenny L.

"As always my experience was top notch for a dental appointment. Dr Pollowitz explained the details of what he was going to do as he worked. It was an appointment to both replace a filling and to take care of the cavity on the outside of that filling. He proceeded slowly and there was never any feel of him rushing to get to the next patient. And Sylvia was very professional as always. Rate this office as a 5 star!"

Joan M.
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