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Dental Night Guards

Bruxism Treatment in Washington DC

Pretty much everyone knows what they need to do to keep their teeth healthy during the day – frequently brush, floss before brushing, avoid certain foods, and visit the dentist if anything seems amiss. So what do you do to take care of your teeth during the night?

The truth is, you can be harming your teeth without even knowing it. Grinding your teeth and clenching is an incredibly common and destructive habit that can wreak havoc on your teeth. Luckily, using a dental night guard is an easy way to alleviate the adverse effects of stress on your teeth.

Why Do People Need Night Guards?

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is very common and not always consciously done. While many people grind their teeth when trapped in traffic or during a long day of work. Bruxism may even happen at night while you sleep.

Here are some common symptoms that may mean you’re a teeth grinder:

– You wake up with a dull headache
– You feel soreness or pain in your jaw or face
– You don’t sleep as well
– Your teeth look or feel ground down

The exact cause of why people grind their teeth is unknown, but it’s believed stress can be a major contributor. And all that nervous clenching can add up. While everyone grinds their teeth from time to time, persistent bruxism can cause long-term damage to your teeth and their enamel. It’s possible to break or even lose a tooth if it gets clenched too hard or for too long.

While dentists can’t completely prevent you from grinding your teeth, they can offer a tool that can help alleviate pain and protect tooth enamel.

What Is a Dental Night Guard?

You may have heard a dental night guard referred to by other names, like a mouthguard, bite splint, or dental guard. But no matter what you call it, a dental night guard can make for an easy treatment solution for bruxism.

Essentially a dental night guard works by putting a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. Depending on how severe your case is, your night guard may come as soft, hard, or dual laminate (soft on the inside and hard on the outside) material.

No matter which type you have, they all work the same, lessening the tension from your clenched jaw and cushioning the muscles a little. This manages to protect both your teeth and facial muscles.

You don’t need a prescription for a night guard; you’ll likely be able to find one at your local drug store. But a dental night guard needs to be properly fitted to ensure it does its job.

It’s best to see a dentist, who can recommend which type of mouthguard is best for your condition and help ensure it’s accurately fitted to your jaw.

Dr. Michael Pollowitz & Dr. Sharon Brown at Washington Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry specializes in bruxism treatment and helping patients in need of dental night guards in Washington DC.

If you have any questions about dental night guards or how they can improve your dental health, contact us today! We can help you relieve jaw pain and protect your teeth with a dental night guard tailored just for you.

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